Cutera XEO Laser:



MFG: Cutera
MODEL: XEO with Navigation, Full YAG and Titan Hand Piece
DOM: August, 2008
Options:  Key, Footswitch, Power cord, interlock, Operator Eyewear, Manual
Hand Pieces: YAG ( FV, HR, LG , LV) Titan
Shot Counts: Titan: 3184 ( Hand piece is loaded for 10,000 shots)
YAG: Long=106,584   Short= 2,264,789
Product Specifications: Full YAG: Laser Genesis, Laser Hair removal, Facial vein removal, Leg vein removal
Titan: Skin tightening, Deep dermal heating of all skin types
Note: Laser was serviced on March,2014.  Laser meets OEM specifications. New filters. Full calibration. Preventative maintenance 3-2014
S/N: XP14283
Price: $23,900.00




Cynosure Laser:


MFG: Cynosure
MODEL: Apogee Elite(ELMD)
DOM: November, 2007
Shot Counts: YAG: Lamp: 56,771, Pulse: 47,107, ; Alexandrite: Lamp: 58,735 ;  Pulse: 53,205
Options: 3,5,7,10,12,15 mm Handpieces, Fiber, Key,  Zimmer Cryo 5 Chiller, Chiller hose, power cords, mast
foot switch, Manuals, operator eyewear (1 x 755, 1 x 1064), patient eyewear
SW: V 2.43
Voltage: 220V ( 3 Prong Twist lock)
Note: The pulses on the machine are extremly low.  This is a like new machine.
Price: $38,500.00


Hoya Con Bio: