Buying & Selling medical and lab EQ including Quality Cosmetic Lasers & Imaging Equipment

Surgical Equipment - Imaging Equipment

Upgrade your facilities by selling your cosmetic lasers, imaging devices, and other medical equipment to BMX Medical, Inc., of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We provide the highest value for used equipment. Consignment services are also available for your convenience.

For Sale

Are you looking for a particular device? We carry a wide range of medical equipment at prices that simply
can't beat. Our long line of equipment includes:

Cosmetic Lasers
•Hair Removal
•Skin Tightening
•Tattoo Removal
•Skin Rejuvenation
•Acne Treatments
•IPL Lasers

Imaging Equipment
•Ultrasound Equipment
•CT Scan
•MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
•Dental X-Ray
•Chiropractic Imaging
•Mammography Equipment
•Veterinary X-Ray

Endoscopy Equipment

•Video Endoscopy
•Ridged Scopes
•Flexible Video Scopes
•Three Chip Cameras
•Video Processors
•Video Monitors
•Light Sources
•Digital Storage

Surgical Equipment
•Power Tools (Drills & Saws)
•Power Tables
•Surgical Tables
•Surgical Instruments


Patient Care Equipment
•Patient Monitors
•IV Pumps
•Syringe Pumps
•AEDs (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator)

Laboratory Equipment
•Hematology Analyzers
•DNA-Related Equipment

Ophthalmology Equipment
•Slit Lamps
•Patternless Edgers
•Ophthalmic Lasers

Contact us at (888) 365-9812 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to sell us your old imaging equipment. We pay maximum value.